MP 005 : Preparing your Tween (and yourself!) for Adolescence

“Do you know why God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac when he was 12? Because if he asked him when he was 14 it wouldn’t have been a sacrifice!”

The changes that happens in adolescence – physically, emotionally, mentally – are very similar to the changes that happen during the toddler years. In both stages your child is developing in leaps and bounds and you are the one God has tasked to guide them. In this podcast, we share some of our ideas and what we have done with our children to create rites of passage, give information when they need it, and helping them solidify their gender identity. This is a crucial time in the lives of our children and its important to be intentional and have a plan of how you are going to help them and love them during this time. This is geared especially for parents with kids in the “tween” and early teen years, 11-14.

We discuss these resources in our podcast today:

If you have gone down this road before what has helped you? Any resources you would recommend?

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  1. I almost skipped this episode because my kiddos are young (3, 1 and one on the way), but I’m so glad I didn’t! So many follow up questions…
    *I love the idea of all of the uncles being present at your sons’ rights of passage. I was wondering if you did anything communal for the girls? You mentioned the mom weekend and dad dinner, but anything with aunts, etc?
    *Speaking of the Boys to Men weekend, are the older brothers, who have been presented to the group and are now allowed to participate in the men’s weekends invited to their younger brothers’ rights of passage? I can see it going either way – wanting to keep it as special time for just the one child, but then again the older brother is now part of the community of men welcoming him.
    *Any thoughts about how the timing of that Boys to Men weekend relates to Confirmation (doing it before or after)?
    *At the very end I believe I heard Alicia mention taking her son out to dinner before college, is that right? I was wondering how (if at all) mom was involved with the boys’ rights of passage, since Mike had been involved by sending the special dessert and taking his daughter out. Other ideas?
    *Finally, a suggestion for a future podcast… Could you talk about other traditions in your family? The retreat? How you celebrate birthdays/anniversaries/baptism anniversaries/holidays/etc?
    Thank you SO much for the podcast! I just learned about it through the This Inspired Life episode Alicia did. I – and my husband – love it!!

  2. This is awesome! I am totally stealing your idea and preparing a weekend with my daughter for her “growing up weekend”. I got the p2p that a listener recommended but felt like it was not enough of the true meaning of the beat it of what the Catholic Church teaches. I’m looking into theology of the body for middle schoolers and loving it. It’s by jason every and Brian butler. Have you heard anything about these? It seems like it’s made as a diocesan program but I’m trying to just get one copy for my weekend. Also feel like I’m going on my own theology of the body retreat as I prepare for this. Any good recommendations for your favorite tob?

  3. I know this is an old podcast but I visited because I’m trying to figure out how to have “The Talk” with my eleven year old daughter and have been exploring ideas! I was wondering which chapters of the Dobson CD’s you choose to listen to with your children? I love the idea of taking a trip and listening on the way. My daughter is so embarrassed anytime I even try to broach the subject so being trapped in a car is ideal (although I do see her putting her fingers in her ears saying “la,la,la,la…” )
    I enjoy ALL of your podcasts!

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