MP 006 : The Survival Zone

You want to know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you are drowning and then someone hands you a baby. ~ Jim Gaffigan

We believe the most challenging years of parenting are not related to how many kids you have, but rather how close in age they are. Young families say to us all the time, ”We shouldn’t complain because we only have three kids and you have ten.” This is not true! The period of time when your family consists of kids who are all in car seats, can’t tie their own shoes, and are barely potty trained is an extremely difficult time. Be encouraged! This is a phase that doesn’t last forever (though it feels like an eternity at the time). Just think- if you can survive this, you can survive anything!

Mentioned in this episode:  Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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  1. Mike and Alicia,

    Thank you so much for this great podcast! I feel like a little kid at Christmas waiting for Sunday’s new podcast to come. 🙂

    Sean and I appreciated the encouragement to have high ideals, but the common sense to know when ideals need to be loosened in certain seasons. Our three little guys (Joseph – 4 1/2, Michael – 3, Patrick 1) are great kids but…sometimes I wonder if it will ever get easier. 🙂 All I have to say is, thank the Lord for velcro shoes…

    Your portion about finding a time to get away alone really hit home for us, too. We will celebrate our 6th anniversary in September…I think a little trip is in order. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

    I had a few ideas for podcast topics:
    -family prayer (expectations per age, time of day, how it’s done, what you do as a couple, what you do with the kids)
    -how to start thinking about schooling options (education thoughts in general)
    -little and big ways to re-prioritize marriage as the most important relationship in the family
    -planning a family routine and executing it! (I know this is not necessarily specifically Catholic, but we have been working on a family plan of life, curious if you guys ever did anything like that.)

    Thanks again, so much for what you guys are doing. Your wisdom is such a gift to us!

    God bless you,

  2. I forgot to mention – I think we have another friend in common! (No surprise, it’s a small Catholic world…) We met Bob and Shannon Siemens when they were here in Colorado, as we were parishoners at the same church. I saw their family one day at Mass; Sean and I were engaged and visions of perfectly behaved, prayerful children were dancing through my head. After watching the Siemens kids politely and quietly sit through Mass, I told Sean we had to try and talk to their family…I could tell they were doing a lot of things right!

    I literally followed Shannon home one night to ask her some questions (okay, that sounds creepy…she had a short distance to walk and kept asking her questions until we made it all the way to their house) after her ENDOW class I attended one evening. Joseph was 2 months old I was so exhausted and desperate for any kind of consolation. I will never forget what she told me, “Everything is a season. In three months your life will be completely different.” And of course she was right. Oh how I miss them.

    Anyway, I thought it was great that we have another connection! If you are close enough to see Shannon in person, give her a huge hug for me, please! 🙂

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