MP 011 : Family Meals

 All great change in America begins at the dinner table.
~Ronald Reagan

Those of us who grew up with family dinners and who continue that tradition with our kids may not realize how counter-cultural we are becoming! Having dinner as a family is one thing you can do for your children to help keep them healthy, emotionally stable, and academically successful. It’s a simple thing, but why doesn’t every family have dinner together? In this podcast we discuss why family dinners are an important part of our parenting, why they can be challenging, and some ideas to make your mealtime even better than it is now! Listen in and join the conversation.

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  1. Mike and Alicia- great podcast. You brought up some great points. Yes, scheduling is our main challenge in having a family meal and I have not “mastered the art” as of yet. My husband doesn’t get home till 7 and I’m usually taking my kids to their various activities, which means that a parent isn’t home to prepare the meal and younger kids can’t wait till 8 to eat. At this stage in our parenting, I’m trying to have my 2 teens take a night to cook. Not only does this help take the responsibility off the parent- who is gone, it teaches the teen the life skill of cooking. As a parent who can’t be in two places at one time, I am finding this more and more helpful. Have your kids do some of the cooking :).

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