MP 025 : Creating Order in a Messy World

“Half of the time I feel like I’m running an insane asylum… the other half of the time I feel like I belong in one. “

There are so many needs pressing on parents, especially moms, all day, every day. How can we prioritize our time and energy to create an orderly life for ourselves and our family? In the book A Mother’s Rule of Life, Holly Pierlot describes the Six Priorities of Life that can help us create a routine in our day and make decisions that will help us use our time wisely and effectively. Despite what your children think, mothers can’t do everything! Moms (and dads!) can create a balanced life by giving priority first to Prayer then to Person, Partner, Parent, Provider, and Periphery (everything else!). If you enjoy this podcast, contact us about having Alicia come to speak to your parish or group to do a full presentation with more information on this topic.

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  1. Thank you for your podcasts! I haven’t been able to listen to them for a while but last night I listened to this one and it was a great reminder that I should take care of myself. It’s so funny to me that we (mothers) prioritize things so backwards. I have been spending more time with God, in adoration and in prayer, but I was forgetting to take care of myself! Thank you for reminding me to put my oxygen mask on first!

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