MP 028 : Messy Parenting Guide to Dating

Nothing makes a father happier than seeing a daughter with a smile on her face and her boyfriend with fear in his eyes. – Willie Robertson

Your natural instinct is to protect your daughter. Forget what pop culture and pop psychologists tell you. DO IT. – Dr. Meg Meeker

Daughters AND sons need direction and guidance when it comes to dating. The world tells us that dating is private and we have no business “meddling” in our teens affairs. Nothing is farther from the truth! Kids need mom and dad’s wisdom on navigating the perilous world of relationships and emotions. We have some practical advice to give from our own experience that we can share with you. Parents have to be intentional about discussing relationships with their kids and make a safe place for them to be honest and vulnerable, so they don’t go seeking affirmation in the wrong places. Dating is another area in which Catholic families can affect the world in a positive way by our example. Listen in!

Hernon Ground Rules for Dating (heavily copied from Jennifer Degler)

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  1. This podcast was amazing. This gives such valuable insight and practical wisdom from helping our children relate to and appreciate others.
    As a teenager who was not allowed to date, I felt tremendously underprepared for dating in my 20s. We will be doing things much differently for our children.

    So grateful for this wonderful podcast!!!!

  2. Wow, thank you for this podcast and for sharing the “ground rules for dating.” As someone who had emotionally detached and permissive parents, I sure wish my parents had been like you when it comes to rules for dating. It could have saved me a lot of unnecessary pain!

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