MP 030 : Pope Francis, Controversy, and the Family

“Where there is a family with love, that family is capable of warming the heart of a whole city with its witness of love.”
– Pope Francis

Our Holy Father has a pastor’s heart, but often his quotes become controversial. He speaks directly to families, those suffering, and to those in power in a frank, honest fashion. With the Holy Father coming to the United States and the upcoming Synod on the Family, we are taking time in this podcast to discuss his words, some of his challenging comments, and why some of the things he says are taken in a negative light. We all have a responsibility to prayerfully reflect on his words with the knowledge that they are spoken by the Vicar of Christ. We welcome you to listen to our thoughts and share your opinions with us.

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  1. Pope Francis is true man of God. Whoever values Eucharist, the same way as Pope Francis is, feels united with the rest of Christ Body and one Holy Spirit. I feel like Pope is the closest person to me who understands me and who thinks as I think-I like to read daily meditations of Pope Francis. Thank you for your wonderful witness to God’s Love for us!!!! God bless you!!!

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