MP 038 : Music in the Home

“Musical nourishment which is ‘rich in vitamins’ is essential for children.” ~Zoltan Kodaly, music educator

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. ~Plato

Music is a powerful tool, a vehicle for ideas, emotions, and stimulation that is absolutely unique. As parents, we need to train our children to recognize music that is good and music that is not worth listening to. By exposing our children to lots of different types of music we can help them to make judgments and choose what is good. We can’t underestimate the importance of music in our culture and in our home.

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  1. Hey there!

    Well, I feel like I fell off the face of the planet for a while there, but I’m still listening!

    We found out in October that baby #4 (also, boy #4! pray for me!) is on the way. After a rough first trimester, I feel like I’m finally back on the map and have energy to devote to things that are outside the realm of survival. 🙂

    Thank you for continuing your podcasts; they constantly give me things to talk about, think about, and pray about.

    I just had to tell you thank you (from the podcast way back) for the encouragement to get away as a couple for a weekend and just take time with each other. Sean and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary in September, and have not gone anywhere by ourselves for longer than a date since our honeymoon…except to the hospital to have another baby! So, it was long overdue and much needed. We just got back this afternoon and it was a huge blessing to have the weekend to ourselves. I hope other people are taking your advice too!

    I have recently really enjoyed the podcast on education (I feel like we were talking on the phone during this one!). Our oldest, Joseph, is 5 1/2 and our original plan was to homeschool. We are still going back and forth about what to do, but the podcast gave me a lot of peace about my anxieties that we’re not ruining the kid for life. 🙂

    I was a little behind and out of order and just listened to the podcast on music. This one is near and dear to me as I was a music ed major in college. I appreciated your viewpoint on secular music, thank you for sharing! I love that the controversial things that come up while raising children (in this case, listening to certain music) is seen as an opportunity to discuss with the kids and help them form their consciences. I think that approach really helps ease my fears about what our children will be exposed to in this world throughout their lives.

    One thing that we do as a family fairly consistently that is music-related is singing prayers together at night. When we do family prayers, as all the boys are age 5 and under, we keep it short and simple and sing the Divine Praises together. We started out singing with a youtube video, then a copy of the words, now we all do it from memory and even do the drone. They really love it! And as we tuck them into bed, I always sing them a Salve Regina. It’s a really fun way to teach them more difficult songs in a way that is peaceful and prayerful. I heard Joseph (5 1/2) and Michael (4) singing the Salve Regina to Patrick (2) when he was laying in his crib getting settled in for the night. It was also hilarious to hear what they thought the words really said, but it was so innocent and beautiful. It’s moments like that that give me such joy as a parent.

    Thank you for being humble and vulnerable enough to let complete strangers peek into your family’s life and learn from you.

    May God bless you for the generosity of your time and wisdom!

    In Him,

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