Holy Land Pilgrimage

Mike and Alicia on the Sea of Galilee


We’re are overwhelmed by God’s grace.

In June, we were blessed to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Rome. This was one of the most spiritual and powerful experiences of our lives. The experiences we had there have changed us and we wish we had more time to share some stories with you!  It is hard to put to into words but we felt the presence of God in a profound way and will never read scripture the same way again.

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MP 073 : Reaching Out – Evangelizing as a Family

The future of evangelization depends in great part on the Church of the home
~ St. John Paul the Great

Every Catholic is called to evangelize. No matter where you are in life, we are to spreading the gospel of Christ in all we do. Does that mean that we need to carry a bible in the diaper bag and preach on the street? Not necessarily (though a bible in your diaper bag is a good idea!), the first step in evangelization is to love. When we evangelize as a family, that means that we first love, serve, and preach the gospel to our own children as we create a home in which others can come to be served and cared for. Your family can be a witness to Christ as you show how to love as Jesus loved. This podcast was sponsored by Sean and Aine Ascough of Ireland!

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MP 072 : Chastity – its not just for teenagers

“The more ready you are to give yourselves to God and to others, the more you will discover the authentic meaning of life.”
― Jason Evert, Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves

Chastity is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit and a virtue that frees us to love others for who they are, not for what they do for us. The foundation of chastity should be intentionally laid when our children are young so this virtue can fully flower in the teen years and beyond. This podcast isn’t a “chastity talk”; its 50 minutes of practical advice on what this virtue looks like when a family of all different ages and stages of development is living it out. Thank you to the Piwnicki family from St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Crystal Lake, IL for sponsoring this podcast!

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MP 071 : Enjoying your Toddler

“You can learn many things from toddlers, for example, how much patience you really have” ~Anonymous

One blessing of having 10 kids is that we have matured and learned enough about kids to appreciate the toddler years of children #9 and 10 much more than those years with children #1 and 2. Our advice to parents of toddlers is to start by enjoying them. It’s hard to do when they are destroying your house and embarrassing you in public, but with a few strategies and consistency on your part, you can begin to see that this little bundle of creative energy has been amazingly designed by the Divine Creator. It’s all part of His plan to get this child to adulthood and independence, and to get you to heaven!


MP 070 : Where do priests come from?

“It is in the family that young people have their first experience of Gospel values and of the love which gives itself to God and to others.” ~ St. John Paul the Great

As Catholic families, we want our children to be open to the call to priesthood or religious life, but how do we do that in a practical way? Where does this call come from? How can we support our children in responding to that call? Ultimately, the answer comes down to teaching our children to love and know Jesus, because the path ahead of them can only be walked with His help. In this podcast, Father Joe Doman, Alicia’s younger brother, shares his vocation story and insights into how the laity can foster vocations. We also discuss how to support the priests who care for us in our parishes.

MP 069 : Food, Family, and Faith

“Wine is a constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” ~Ben Franklin

God could have made food boring, dull, and simply to sustain us. But He didn’t. He made food good! Added with human creativity and work, food becomes a sign of love to our families. Parents work to buy food, prepare food, and serve food to nourish their children. It’s amazing how much work goes into just feeding people! In this podcast we talk about feeding babies, the kind of food we give our kids, our perspective on organic and non-GMO foods, and why we think its important to consider your philosophy of food that you are passing on to your kids.

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MP 068 : What does it take to get married

“More than ever necessary in our times is preparation of young people for marriage and family life.” – St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio

Preparing for a wedding can be a whirl of appointments, deposits, planning, decision-making, “Pintresting”, and, sometimes, drama. But the wedding is just a day, marriage is a life time. Preparing for marriage is a very serious and important task for any couple. Marriage is naturally fraught with difficulties, and in our culture today that is especially true. There is little support for faithful marriage and many of us come from families who have given us poor examples of what a healthy marriage should look like. In this podcast we give some topics that couples really need to discuss as well as some of our own insights of how to renew the sacrament of marriage in our church.

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Thank you Steve Ray!

Steve Ray is a good friend and someone who has helped me and countless others go deeper in the faith.  I have been on pilgrimage with Steve and he is not only an engaging evangelist leading us in the Footprints of God (his DVD series), he is an amazing husband and father with great wisdom to share.  He offers these kind words about Messy Parenting:

Messy Parenting, Podcasts from Parents of Ten! Great Stuff with a Huge Following

by STEVE RAY on MARCH 30, 2017

And yes, he has a great sense of humor, a lovely wife — and a great podcast for Catholic families — practical, biblical, funny, Catholic and easy to listen to. He and his wife share their wisdom, advice and practical suggestions they learn on the fly. It must be excellent, eh, if it has thousands of faithful subscribers!

So, check it out. It is called Messy Parenting. Some of the latest topics are: Evangelizing Your Kids, Keeping Your Love Alive, Discipling and Disciplining Your Teens Part 1 and 2, Forgiveness, Family History and much more.

Enjoy! http://www.messyparenting.org/


GREAT RESOURCES ABOUND ON CatholicConvert.com but check this one out:  Book Recommendations for Lovers

MP 067 : Evangelizing Your Kids

“The future of evangelization depends in great part on the Church of the home [the family].”
– St. John Paul II

The deepest desire for many of us as parents is to pass on the faith to our children. According to many statistics upwards of two-thirds of young people are leaving the faith. so its obvious that most parents are facing an uphill battle. Parents must be intentional about the evangelization of their children. What is the secret formula for success? What does it look like to be an evangelizing parent? In this podcast, we share the TOP FIVE WAYS to evangelize your kids. Gain some insight, spark a conversation, and go deeper in the work of evangelization. Listen in and share your ideas.

MP 066 : Keeping Your Love Alive

“Once you’re a parent, your relationship matters more, not less, because now other people are counting on you.”
~ TheDatingDivas.com

Marriage is under attack, but many times the attack is not direct and aggressive. Instead, it is slow and subtle – couples simply drift apart. How do we keep this from happening in our marriages? In this podcast we give 5 ways to keep your love alive in your relationship. We must continue to pursue and discover our spouse, no matter how long you have been married or how well you know each other. During this episode we also share a new and exciting way that our listeners can help us spread this ministry of Messy Parenting. Listen in!

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