Bless your home on Epiphany

We invite you to incorporate this Catholic tradition into your family’s celebration of the Epiphany. The purpose of this ceremony is to seek God’s blessing on your family, your home, and all those who visit you. It is an annual renewal of your family’s invitation that Jesus be the unseen guest at every meal and the silent listener to every conversation. This family ceremony seeks God’s blessing on our new year; our comings and goings, our work and play, our joys and sorrows. This is a simple way of revealing to all that Jesus Christ is our King.

A traditional way of doing this is to use chalk to write above your home’s entrance the new year in a special way. You will need chalk, blessed if possible and holy water if available. Possible ceremony format follows…

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Marriage and Family in Scripture

Marriage is what brings us together today. Or a show about marriage anyway. This was one of my favorite shows I hosted on EWTN and I had to share it with you.

Fr. John Riccardo is an inspiring priest with deep insights in marriage and family life. Marriage is an earthly reality and a sacramental reality. It reveals truths about men and God, and helps grace enter into our world and lives. Sit back and take in some great insights from this fascinating conversation.  I would love to hear your reaction.

Join Host Michael Hernon, panelists Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn, and special guest Fr. John Riccardo, Host of “Christ Is the Answer” on Ave Maria Radio, as they discuss the Good News about the sacred reality of the sacrament of marriage.

This program originally aired on EWTN in August 2017.


O Lord Jesus, you lived in the home of Mary and Joseph in Nazareth. There you grew in age, wisdom and grace as you prepared to fulfill your mission as our Redeemer. We entrust our family to you.

O Blessed Mary, you are the Mother of our Savior. At Nazareth you cared for Jesus and nurtured him in the peace and joy of your home. We entrust our family to you.

O Saint Joseph, you provided a secure and loving home for Jesus and Mary, and gave us a model of fatherhood while showing us the dignity of work. We entrust our family to you.

Holy Family, we consecrate ourselves and our family to you. May we be completely united in a love that is lasting, faithful and open to the gift of new life. Help us to grow in virtue, to forgive one another from our hearts, and to live in peace all our days. Keep us strong in faith, persevering in prayer, diligent in our work, and generous toward those in need.

May our home, O Holy Family, truly become a domestic church where we reflect your example in our daily life. Amen. 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us! 


Prayer composed by Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore for the Knights of Columbus

MP 082 : What can you give this Christmas?

We are all looking for the perfect gift. What gift is more treasured than our Lord? Many of you deeply desire for your children to know Christ in a special way this Christmas. In this video broadcast, we encourage you to first receive from the Lord, because we can’t give what we don’t have ourselves. In order to celebrate Christmas, use this time to seek reconciliation and give generously what you have been given. We can very simply honor the birth of our Lord through the very gift of ourselves to others.

This is our fourth Advent broadcast and would love to hear your reaction. By signing up for our email newsletter we will also send you links for a great Christmas album that your family will enjoy. At the end of this is a sample with our daughters singing the Angel Gabriel.

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The Christmas Angel

A Real Life Christmas Miracle by Katie Hernon


The winter of 2004 was a cold, dry one in my cramped, joy-filled Steubenville home. We were almost bursting at the seams with five rambunctious children under 9 years old and two loving dogs under one roof. In the middle of the 2004, my father had been laid off so we had to live a tight life for a few months.

He would always say, “All you can do is simply trust in the Lord, He provides.” And He was right, He truly does.

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Advent – Prepare the Way of the Lord

“Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight His paths.” In the Gospel for the Second Sunday of Advent St. John the Baptist is herald preparing the way for Christ. In our homes Jesus has entrusted this role to us as parents. How can we till and cultivate the soil of our children’s hearts so as to receive and embrace the call to discipleship?

This is the latest broadcast from our Advent video series. Our hope is to help you make Jesus Christ the King of your family and unleash God’s power in your parenting. In this 20 minutes video we share 4 stages/thresholds that prepare your children to maturely embrace the faith during Advent and throughout their lives.

You may also be interested in our podcast from last Advent: MP 059 Advent 2016

MP 081 : Advent – Making the Word of God Flesh in Your Home

Make Advent a time to renew your family’s faith life with scripture.

This the audio version from the Advent video series from Messy Parenting. Our hope with this series is to help you make Jesus Christ the King of your family and unleash God’s power in your parenting. This is the second of the four part series.

This week we focus on “Making the Word of God Flesh in Your Home”. In 20 minutes we share 3 ways to make scripture come alive this Advent (and throughout the year).

Advent – Making the Word of God Flesh in Your Home

Our Advent Broadcast this week is Making the Word of God Flesh in Your Home.  We share 3 important ways you can make scripture come alive for your family this Advent. Our hope with this video series is to help you make Jesus Christ the King of your family and unleash God’s power in your parenting.
We invite you to make embrace the Word of God personally, fill your home with it, and teach your children with scripture.

We highlighted our favorite Advent tradition the Jesse Tree which is a great way for families to prayerful reflection on salvation history. To receive our version of the Jesse Tree with meditations for every day of Advent as well as an MP3 to assist children in memorizing some scripture passages – subscribe to our newsletter below.

MP 080 : Making Room for Jesus

“Seven days without prayer makes one weak.”

The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are full of many tasks, which are fun and beautiful, but also may take our eyes off of the One we need most at this time. Making room for prayer in our busy schedules isn’t just something that is important during Advent, it’s an essential part of parenting and living as a Catholic in this crazy world. In this podcast, we take some time to define WHY we should pray, HOW you can pray, and, most importantly, WHEN you can pray.

Why should parents pray?

1. Out of Justice because God deserves our prayer
2. To gain inner peace and take time to slow down
3. Refocus on the meaning of life and to remember what matters most
4. To receive grace and strength for your day
5. To seek his blessing, provision, and protection for our family
6. Listen to God and receive His wisdom for our lives
7. Allow God to love you. Gaze upon Him and let the Lord gaze upon us

Upcoming Live Interactive Advent Broadcast

The Messy Parenting Advent Broadcast

Make Jesus Christ the King of your family and unleash God’s power in your parenting.
We want to invite you to join us and others from the Messy Parenting movement to spend 4 weeks going deeper in our faith as couples and as parents.  If we don’t get the first things right, nothing else will matter. As parents we are constantly challenged, distracted, and pulled in many directions — we are in need of renewal. At  this time of year, it is chaotic and stressful – let’s make sure that we invest time in deepening the faith of our families.
Whether you have a dynamic faith life in your home or you don’t remember the last time you prayed together – we can all grow and experience the power of God.Join Mike and Alicia for a 4-part live interactive broadcast to make Jesus Christ the King of your family and unleash God’s power in your parenting.
Subscribe below to get the details and special link to the live and recorded videos.  The live broadcasts will be on Saturdays at 9pm EST and the recorded session will be release Sunday. If you are able to join the live broadcast there will be time set aside for questions and interaction. The first of the four in the series will be on the vigil of Christ the King, November 25, 2017 at 9pm EST.
This Advent broadcast series will only be up for the season of Advent so make sure you sign up today.  I hope you can join us! May God bless you and your family.