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“Help me, help you.” – Jerry Maguire

No seriously, if you listen to the Messy Parenting podcast we really need to hear from you. Our mission is to serve you — we are friends helping friends in our marriage and family life.  We cannot do that with hearing from you. We would so appreciate hearing about you, your preferences, what you like and don’t like.  Additionally we really feel called to do more and need your thoughts on what would be of interest to you. So we have created our 2017 Messy Parenting Listener Survey.

Would you please take a few minutes to fill out our survey? This is the ‘help me, help you’ part. Why is this worth your time? Because you will be helping us create a better podcast and other resources that serve and hopefully enrich and encourage you.

Your input is important to us. The survey is easy to fill out, and the results are confidential. It’s just for us. And you can finish in seven minutes!

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