Two Week Break

In light of Holy Week as well as other commitments, we are taking a two week break.  We will start up again with our next podcast following Easter.  Sorry for the inconvenience. I pray this continues to be a fruitful Lent and the best celebration of the Triduum.  Enjoy this sacred and special time with your family. Here are two sites that have been an inspiration to us this Lent:  #ShareJesus and Fr. Robert Barron’s Lenten Reflections.

Look for our next two podcasts which will be very exciting. We are going to interview Alicia’s parents, John and Michele Doman who successfully raised 10 dynamic Catholics who are out there serving the church in the priesthood, medical field, education, elder care, business, and more all while raising their own families of faithful Catholics. They have much wisdom to share. We are also going to talk about Ephesians 5 and the concept of wives “submitting” to their husbands. I’m sure you will all find this quite interesting!